Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Aren't there enough churches?

Some may wonder just why there are so many who are intent on planting new churches where many well attended, effective churches, already exist.  First of all, we would like to commend those who are preaching the gospel of Christ in the Lee's Summit area.  We wish to take nothing away from what they are doing.  Yet there is still a considerable gap that exists.  While so many Lee's Summit churches are doing a wonderful job of proclaiming Christ and helping to create a quality of disciple, there are still many opportunities for others to have an impact where the impact of some of these existing churches ends.  Secondly, church planting has historically been the greatest means for evangelism throughout the history of the church.  When Paul left on his missionary journeys his aim was not merely to go speak of Christ, but to speak of Christ, see souls won, and to establish churches.  And so many missionary movements throughout the various ages of the church's history have found tremendous success in winning souls by planting churches.  Church planting has a way of simplifying the mode of the church to reaching out to those in need of hope, peace, and joy only found in Christ.  A lot of established churches seem to have to refocus their efforts onto maintaining programs with emphasis often on improving existing programs.  Thirdly, Lee's Summit provides a tremendous opportunity.  With the amount of population growth in Lee's Summit over the recent years and a projection for similar growth numbers in the years upcoming, it stands as a great place to launch new churches.  To put this in perspective consider that in 2000 the city was roughly 70,000 people.  By the year 2005 there were roughly 76,000 people.  And by the year 2010 there were roughly 91,000 people.  That phenomenal growth raises considerable question as to what God's people are doing to reach the growing numbers, to which we say: let's plant more churches.

And so for these reasons we believe God is calling us to be a part of a concerted gospel effort to have an impact on lives in Lee's Summit to where the city will look different because of the gospel's power to change lives who will in turn live differently.  This is our aim, all unto the glory of God.

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