Monday, September 24, 2012

Expecting Great Things From GOD

As we met last night we kicked off our first service by seeking God in prayer.  We long to be a church that is defined as a praying church.  We were able to incorporate reflection in who God is, what God has done, even as we prayed for what we need God to do in, around, and through our lives.

As we shared a bit about where each of us was coming from and why we were there last night, it quickly became clear to all of us that God was at work.  It was apparent that God has been stirring about in our own various lives, through a  variety of circumstances, and ongoing in our hearts to lead us even to that place and moment together last night.  It is undeniable that God is at work.  Only God could have brought us together.  We marvel at how God brought all this together.  It caused us all to look ahead to what else God might unveil in the days upcoming.

And so we pray.  We continue to pray that God would bring more laborers to join in this church planting work.  If you are interested in what God is doing among us, if your heart is stirred to step outside your comfort zone and join God in a work He is orchestrating, if you are looking to experience God's sufficiency and spread a passion for His supremacy, and to help others to do the same, then come join us this Sunday night.  We will gather at 5:30pm by sharing some snacks together, before starting our service at 6.   Contact us at 816-875-6677 or at to learn more.


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