Thursday, October 18, 2012

In This We Hope

They are everywhere.  We cannot avoid them.  No matter where we go they are there.  Tens of thousands around us in our community, and an even greater number in the communities outside. It is not that we don't notice them, it is that we don't give a whole lot of consideration to them. Each one may be represented by a number in some demographic study we have observed, but they are more than merely numbers.  Each has a face.  Each has a name. Each has a unique story. And each has an eternal soul.  Of course I speak of people.

As we embark on planting a church in Lee's Summit our desire is that these faces, these names, these stories would be intersected by ours.  That is to say we will be intentional about meeting people where they are.  It is not because we want them to be a part of the newest thing in town.  It is bigger than that and with a greater hope than that.  It is ultimately because Jesus has come and revealed the beautiful magnificence of who GOD is, in the flesh.  And not only that but this same Jesus overcame sin and death and proved His victorious power over what has ever triumphed over mankind.  It is because Jesus promises victory over sin and death, joy in this life, and unimaginable joy in the life to come.  And it is because only HE is worthy of all glory.  That is why we aim at planting a church.  It is because God is so glorified in us as in HIM we find the joy that everyone of us has forever been seeking.

And so we are intentional not about creating programs and merely finishing tasks.  We are intentional about meeting people, relating with people, doing life with people.  And so if you are interested in: doing life with real people, intersecting the lives of others, and knowing and experiencing the greatness of Christ in increasing measure, then we'd have you consider joining with us in this task to have a transformational impact on the faces, names, and stories in Lee's Summit (and beyond).

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