Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Plentiful Harvest?

I don't believe I would have caught it if I were there.  The disciples were likely as oblivious to it as anyone would be.  It is why Jesus had to tell them that "the harvest is plentiful."  But consider what they had just been a part of watching.  Upon coming down from finishing the most famous sermon of all time Jesus spend the immediate moments after by encountering a leper.  Sometime thereafter a centurion came to Jesus pleading for the well-being of his paralyzed servant.  Thereafter Jesus ends up at Peter's house and saw his mother-in-law sick with a fever.  And sometime that night just after dinner came the demon possessed.  As we read on we find just after all this we see Jesus encountered by another paralytic, despised tax-collector, a dead girl's family pleading her case, two blind men, a mute man, and still more afflicted with various ailments.  Make no mistake, Jesus was quite busy.  And yet, nobody would have caught it if Jesus hadn't pointed it out.  He sees what we miss.  

Maybe the problem is that we don't view the ailing, the hurting, the malformed, the oppressed as the optimal "harvest."  Our mentality concerning what needs to be harvested is that which is ripe and that exudes a healthy appearance.  We would do well to be reminded that is the ailing, the hurting, the malformed, the oppressed who often most feel and know the needful condition they are in.  That is these recognize more quickly than most that they have a great need which no thing, and still nobody has yet satisfied.  The ailing condition of all humanity is merely a reminder of the imprint of sin all over us and the fallen world in which we live.  And when we remember that Jesus came to seek and save that which is lost it makes perfect sense that this is the harvest He was referring to.

So rather than look around us at the horrendously sad condition of those around us, in their broken marriages, their grief over loss of job, friends, a family member, their disease ridden bodies, and their fear of life and death, let us remember that in these Christ is so magnificently glorified through His power to heal, restore, and ultimately save souls.  He alone is sufficient to change culture around us, because He alone is able to save souls.  So rejoice that He calls you and I to be a part of these many opportunities around us.  

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