Sunday, March 3, 2013

Unifying us Through Focus

What an amazing thing God does when He saves an individual soul.  He convicts a sinner of their sinfulness.  He compels their heart toward repentance.  He creates a faith within them (1 Jn. 5:1) such that they no longer put their faith in ability of their own, but in Christ.  All this is ultimately because He convinces the heart of an individual to realize the all-surpassing excellencies of His glories that make the  riches, joys, treasures of this world become a yawn in comparison to HIM.  

Still, this work would be great enough if God merely saved individual lives, but His work continues in creating a people for Himself.  The dynamic of people united, working together, caring for one another is every bit impossible.  We don't get along.  We don't share the same passions.  We don't like to do things the same way.  That is what makes us people, we have distinctive personalities, ideas, preferences.  And so God's work to save us is not an end in itself, but a beginning of a journey He brings us on, to work together, to love one another, to knit our hearts toward the end that we MAKE MUCH OF HIM and proclaim His greatness to the world around us.  

It is every bit profound the evidence of God's hand at work in and among us.  He has blended a group of people in a short time.  And this wasn't a group who all knew each other a few years ago, a few months ago, some even didn't even know one another a few weeks ago.  But somehow, in the immense wisdom and power of God, He is knitting all this together.  There is a joy, there is an anticipation, there is a unity among us, and there is an expectation that we are going to meet with God and see and understand better the greatness of His glory as we meet.  And so it is that He brings into FOCUS Himself as the center of why we are saved (to glorify Him), why we meet (to glorify Him), why we want to reach people (to glorify Him).  This is the unifying work that He brings about and is doing among us. 

And so we rejoice - we rejoice that God's salvific work continues in and among us even as He prepares to plant Redemption Church.  So we invite you to pray and come see what God is doing here.  

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